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Thursday, 29 May 2008

Which comes first the Blossom or the Fruit?

At last the sun is shining. Today we have sunshine and according to the forecast more to come. Not before time I might say. In view of this, after dropping the girlies at school - and it was excursion to the beach for No1, I donned the ever trendy backpack, went out and sprayed all my weeds, which due to the recent rains are positively flourishing. I was surprised to see that my apple tree as well as now bearing fruit is in bloom again

I've never noticed this before, I'm used to seeing lemons and blossom, but never apples and blossom.
I feel that I have been neglecting my photography somewhat just recently, and would really like to get my mojo back. One of the nearby villages is in fiestas next weekend, so am hoping to get some pictures of the firework display.

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