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Saturday, 26 February 2011

08-52-2011 - Chaos - The Butterfly Effect

 As I mentioned last week, this week was Chaos.  Coming hard on the heels of Clutter, I had all sorts of messes in mind, but wasn't very happy.  So, yes, I googled it which led me to the Butterfly effect.

So, was it the flapping wings of one small butterfly, that caused the global warming we are now suffering...

 08-52-2011 - Chaos - The Butterfly Effect 

My original thought was to photograph a jewellry box I have, that looks a bit like a treasure chest.  But that meant faffing around with backgrounds etc and I really couldn't be arsed. As it was an interesting sky outside I opted for that and my hand Really I should've gone to the other side of the house and I wouldn't have had the over exposure on the right hand side, but I didn't think of that until it was done.  Lots of people have said that this is one of my best photos of the 52, but I'm very meh about it.  The butterflies are too black, I should've either made them a very dark grey colour, or reduced the opacity of that layer and the original hand picture is completely nothing as well.  So it just goes to show we can't all be the same or like the same things.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

07-52-2011 Delicate

Delicate was this week's pick and so, it's the old almond blossom trick again ;-). I was lucky to find this branch with just sky behind it and one of last years almonds still on the branch. I wanted to include the almond to denote the hardness that comes from the delicate and also as a contrast. Also have been titting about in photoshop, as I've not played with it for ages!

07-52-2010 Delicate 

I'm quite pleased with how it's turned out to be honest.  Next weeks theme is Chaos.  Typically the girlies are at their daddy's and I've been having a massive de-cluttering session of late.  Quite what the difference between chaos and clutter is, I'm not too sure.  Might just have to consult Don Google to see if it can help me out any.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

06-52-2011 Clutter

So with the subject of Clutter for this weeks 52 shot, you would've thought I'd have found it easy - lets face it domestic goddess I am not.  But quite how you actually style, or even make look attractive a pile of shoes at the back door or about 4 months worth of unopened post is way beyond me.  

So, I went for a cluttered background.  Cheating I know, but I just love the almond blossom and it's not here for very long

06-52-2011 Clutter

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Medieval Market - Part 2

So after drooling over the birds of prey we walked down through the market to it's very end.  This resulted in a few purchases needing to be made at various stalls and a quick stop for lunch and a well deserved beer for me. 

After lunch we came across a display of torturous medieval punishment devices.  They certainly seem to have been a barbaric and blood thirsty lot in these times.  Here are two examples of a Scold's Bridle



Now, why the first one has "ears" on it I'm not too sure.  Perhaps this was worn by a gossip, passing on tales that she had heard second hand, who knows.  But it certainly looks more comfortable than the second one that has a plate of metal right in front of the face.  Now, although I can think of a few people who deserve to wear these, I am quite pleased that the  crime of nagging or gossiping is treated a little more leniently these days.

Amongst these old fashioned gimp masks, handcuffs, cats of nine tails and stocks, I also spotted this chastity belt.  It would be a brave man indeed who decided to infiltrate those jaws


Now, as I said earlier in Part One, there didn't seem to be as much street theatre about as normal.  Perhaps it was just a case of us being in the wrong place at the wrong time though.  I leave you with a few portraits of the musicians we did see (los Gambuzinos) and some of the other faces around and about

los gambuzinos

los gambuzinos







And finally I leave you with this sign, which made me titter a little - transaltion For the purchase of 5 large cones regardles of your SEX take FREE five small ones.


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Medieval Market - Part 1

The Medieval Market in Orihuela is advertised as the biggest in Spain, which I could well believe.  It is certainly very popular and they arrange buses in from the coast.  This year we went on Sunday at about 13:00 and the streets were packed with folk.  A beautiful sunny day to walk around and surprisingly warm.  I did actually spot a few people with naked limbs, although there were also a few goosebumps on display too.  It's really not time for me to be flashing the flesh, in the shade and with a bit of a breeze it is actually quite chilly.  

I don't know if it was the day or the time we were there, but I was a little disappointed this year, there didn't seem to be as much street theatre as normal, nor as many stalls where the kids could join in making their own handicrafts.  Still, a very pleasant few hours were had by all and an absolute fortune spent at all the stalls.

This is probably my favourite part of the Market, the Bird of Prey exhibition and display.  They are just so beautiful and majestic.  To be honest I prefer to see them flying free and wild, but have expressed an interest to one of the handlers in learning how to fly.  He has my number and has promised that he will be in touch, so watch this space :-)

So let me show you some of the beautiful birds that were there.  1st up I believe is a young Chilean Blue Eagle, but you are more than welcome to correct me if I am wrong on any of these

¿Chilean Blue? Eagle

Isn't he beautiful?

Now this one is probably a mature Chilean Blue, so possibly his daddy?!

¿Chilean Blue? Eagle

Majestic.  This next one is a Harris Hawk, beautifully trained it came swooping down to it's handler, just skimming the heads of people walking down the street.  I think some of them were quite shocked to find themselves being divebombed in such a fashion

Harris Hawk

Next up the Saker Falcon, although I've been reliably informed that it could quite possibly be a cross breed.  However, still beautiful
Saker Falcon/Halcon

Also, this beautiful European Eagle Owl

European Eagle Owl/Buho

and my favourite of all.  This baby African Vulture - so cute although appeared to have a wing span of about four feet at just a couple of months old

Baby African Vulture

Well, This post seems a bit long, so I'll be back with part 2 later.


Seeing as I don't really follow the minimalist school of interior design, and am in fact more influenced by the Steptoe school of thought, I knew that I had a bit of a head start on this weeks topic of clutter.

However 6 months worth of unopened post is not particularly attractive, and trying to style the mound of cast off wellie boots and trainers that seem to be forever congregating by the kitchen door, was really beyond me ;)  So, I went for this... a cluttered background

06-52-2011 Clutter

What do you think please?

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hard Working

05-52-2011 Hard Working 

This weeks topic was hard.  I came up with loads of ideas, and found it quite easy to plan them in my head too.  

But then I saw these hard working busy bees, the sky was a lovely bright blue and the evening sun made the flowers look more orange than normal, and my photo was taken.  I only took 8 photos this evening, so I was very pleased to have one good one.  As fast moving insects are not the easiest things to photograph.  You know what they say, never work with children or animals - probably my two favourite things to photograph!!!  My only regret is that the bee is slightly underexposed, but to brighten it any more blew the sky right out.  

Hope you like.