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Saturday, 26 February 2011

08-52-2011 - Chaos - The Butterfly Effect

 As I mentioned last week, this week was Chaos.  Coming hard on the heels of Clutter, I had all sorts of messes in mind, but wasn't very happy.  So, yes, I googled it which led me to the Butterfly effect.

So, was it the flapping wings of one small butterfly, that caused the global warming we are now suffering...

 08-52-2011 - Chaos - The Butterfly Effect 

My original thought was to photograph a jewellry box I have, that looks a bit like a treasure chest.  But that meant faffing around with backgrounds etc and I really couldn't be arsed. As it was an interesting sky outside I opted for that and my hand Really I should've gone to the other side of the house and I wouldn't have had the over exposure on the right hand side, but I didn't think of that until it was done.  Lots of people have said that this is one of my best photos of the 52, but I'm very meh about it.  The butterflies are too black, I should've either made them a very dark grey colour, or reduced the opacity of that layer and the original hand picture is completely nothing as well.  So it just goes to show we can't all be the same or like the same things.

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