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Saturday, 27 November 2010


See that pink bit, that's the bit I'm talking about.  Gimp masks, whips and nipple clamps don't really do it for me at all I'm afraid.

I have a confession to make.  In my BK (Before Kids) youth I was a..

kind of girl.  

These days I am an animal owning Mum.  My beauty routine consits of a 10 minute shower and slap a bit of face cream on *blushes*.  Fashion, - well whatever is clean, ironed (ish) and to hand.  And these are my current footwear of choice

But just recently, I have acquired a beauty blog habit.  I am addicted to Pixiwoo tutorials on you tube and have been following a number of beauty blogs Cheeky Beauty, Super Beauty and my absolute favourite Modesty BrownI just love how Ms Brown even goes into the science of some of these products. 

It really inspires me to go out and spend some money.  I know that I bought a mascara in July (duty free), but I honestly can't remember the last time I bought anything else.  I wonder if I can get one of them to take me on as a project Hmmm!!

Friday, 26 November 2010


Well, that's me to a tee!  

I am not responsible enough to write my blog on a regular basis, I regularly have to have a panic hunt through fridge and freezer to find something that will 'do' for lunch or tea and due to my most recent bout of irresponsibility...

Aren't they just cute.

There are four of them, 3 girlies and a boy - the big brindled one is the boy They were born at about 09.00 on 10 November, and Girlie#2 and I saw them all being born *insert big cheesey grin* - there are of course birth photos, but I'll not be publishing them, unless of course demand dictates.   In the photo above they are about 9 days old and at exactly two weeks they opened their eyes.  

They have no names yet as they are not staying, but mummy's big boy might just answer to Tiger.

As you can see Girlie#1 has already started posing with them, this is actually a self portrait - with my camera!!!  Must put a stop to that or have a word with Santa.

Anyway, little LillieLoo has made a most excellent mother and there will be be no need to call the Social Services.  She is far more responsible than me!!!