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Saturday, 14 August 2010

A Change is a Good as a Rest

So yesterday girlie # 2 went to play with one of her friends and girlie # 1 had one of her friends over to play and sleep the nightWhat a peaceful day I had.  

These two although they are often 11 going on 16 decided to be proper 11 year olds and made themselves a camp/den under one of the olive trees

The guitar and laptop were both being used for the writing of a song, whether it will be of top 1 material or no, we just don't know!

As well as the set up underneath the tree, they also decorated it

Ribbons and spinners


Strings of beads and sparkly leaves

and windmills.

I just love it when they play like this, using their imaginations and not relying on the television or electrical games.

So that was the end of my peaceful day.  Girlie # 2 is back now and she is prohibited from entering - ho hum!

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Looking for my Mojo

So, my photography mojo is completely lost at the moment - I rather suspect it has found a shady nook and won't come back again untill the temperatures have dropped a little!!

So yesterday I  forced myself to out and take pics of the girls in the pool - not quite what I was after but hey ho.  At least I'm taking some pics again

I might just try them again on a square crop and see what happens.  What do you think?

Loads better don't you think?

Sunday, 8 August 2010

I've got a head start on fashion!!!


 This is the lovely Emma Watson as seen in the Daily Mail with her new cut.

Just like to say that I was there first - after having a bit off a fit at the beginning of July and chopping all my - passed shoulder length -hair off with the clippers LOL

So there we have it I am a fashion leader!!