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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

From little seeds

Well, here we are on the first entry of my Blog. As I've never blogged before I don't really know what to expect from this, and don't know what you expect either. I think it will be a bit of a diary of my life, with a few photos thrown in for good measure.

So, as a cost cutting exercise due to the lack of money these days, I have decided to plant my own garden. I am also going into partnership with a friend to cultivate the bottom field.

We have decided to plant potatoes, and need to get the ground ready for this. Last Saturday a lovely little old man turned up on his equally old tractor and ploughed the whole field. This morning at 08:30 a tanker turned up filled with pig slurry, luckily it was a gift and the wind was blowing away from the house. So I now have a pig pee covered muddy patch, which the dogs are desperate to get at.

The kitchen garden is doing well. I have planted (seedlings) melons, watermelons, 4 types of tomatoes, aficoses, cucumbers, peppers and of course onions. I also have enough tiny tomato seedlings to probably keep the whole village in tomatoes growing in trays, egg boxes and other assorted vessels around the kitchen, to be transplanted later. Snails are somewhat of a problem at the moment, and watering is a pit of a pain, but will be putting in a watering system this weekend.

I spent all this morning painting the wooden picket type fence that goes around the swimming pool. The inside is finished and just have the outside to do. Another 6 or 8 hours should see it completed. Right off for this evening's watering and snail picking half hour.