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Monday, 18 October 2010



We went to see Luna about a month ago, but the man that was selling her wanted silly money.  So it was not to be.  She will be three in March of next year.  She is very quiet and calm in the stable, you can touch her all over without any problem.  But...

She has been kept stabled for probably the last 15 months of her life.  I walked her home - about 3 km - very nicely.  She was a little surprised at the first few cars that passed us and had a bit of a wobbler at a plastic bag.  Dogs didn't faze her one bit, but when we crossed the motorway bridge, she was a little alarmed and had to positively leap over the narrow gully where the pieces of tarmac join!!!

On the whole I was very pleased with her performance.  As I'm not sure that she's left her stable to much before hand.  There is a possibility that she is in foal *rolls eyes* - for me under three is too young.  I think that we have quite probably saved her from being quite a brood mare, churning out one foal after another.  At least here she will be loose in the paddock and be able to exercise a bit.

She and Estrella have got on really well.  There was a bit of mutual wither nibbling and now they are just BFFs.  They have even been eating from the same manger, which surprised me as Estrella is a complete greedy guts and I didn't think that she would take too kindly to sharing.

So that's the newest member of my family - Luna as it had to go with Estrella and all the planet names seemed a little macho to me.

I also hope to get caught up with some of my missed summer posts this week although they will probably be a bit higgledy piggledy in their recounting!!!