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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Reflejos del Rio Segura

03-52-2011 - Street Style Re-edit

So here I am, still in on week 3 of the 52/2011.  This weeks subject was style, I went for street style, not exactly what I was hoping to get, but it's been so cold and foggy of late that the narrow streets of Orihuela haven't been over crowded or with nice light.  I love this view of the "shabbier" side of Orihuela.  If you carry on up river from this photograph, the buildings are a lot newer, as can be seen here

Orihuela y El Rio Segura

and here

Rio Segura, Orihuela

I've also taken a photograph of this bridge at night

Otro reflejos del Seguro

Which one do you prefer?

Sunday, 16 January 2011

New Year, New Leaf

02-52-2011 Turning over a new leaf

So, week 2 of 52 in 2011 completed. I actually made a "New" recipe yesterday, and as it ws a nice mixture of colours I had planned to use it as this weeks shot. It was half eaten and not at all photogenic before I remembered :-)

Luckily I had another couple of ideas up my sleeve, and decided that I would go with this one. 2010 was a bit of a lost photo mojo year for me, so in 2011 I would like to draw a line under that and turn over a new leaf, in my photography and a few other areas of my life too.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Week One of Fifty Two

01-52-2011 - Accomodation Available - Suitable for Handy Type - Re-Edit

 So, I've decided to do a 52 in 2011.  That's just one photo a week, which I think is just about manageable.  I am doing this with the help of Talk Photography who very helpfully suggest a theme every week.  

This weeks theme was accommodation and I knew immediately what I wanted to shoot.  There are so many ruined houses around here that, I knew it would feature one of them.  This house is about 200 meters from my house and was actually lived in up until probably only 40 years ago.

Inside there are the remains of an enormous fire place and behind this is a room where they used to crush olives for oil.  There are two enormous round stones and three huge great big terracotta "tinajas" which were used for storing the oil.  I might just have thought about the possible appropriation of said items, as they would look lovely adorning my garden.  However the room that they are in appears to be have built around them, and the only way of removing them would be with a bulldozer.  Which I think somebody might just notice.

So that's my contribution for this week and I am now eagerly awaiting next weeks subject