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Sunday, 23 January 2011

Reflejos del Rio Segura

03-52-2011 - Street Style Re-edit

So here I am, still in on week 3 of the 52/2011.  This weeks subject was style, I went for street style, not exactly what I was hoping to get, but it's been so cold and foggy of late that the narrow streets of Orihuela haven't been over crowded or with nice light.  I love this view of the "shabbier" side of Orihuela.  If you carry on up river from this photograph, the buildings are a lot newer, as can be seen here

Orihuela y El Rio Segura

and here

Rio Segura, Orihuela

I've also taken a photograph of this bridge at night

Otro reflejos del Seguro

Which one do you prefer?

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