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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Medieval Market - Part 1

The Medieval Market in Orihuela is advertised as the biggest in Spain, which I could well believe.  It is certainly very popular and they arrange buses in from the coast.  This year we went on Sunday at about 13:00 and the streets were packed with folk.  A beautiful sunny day to walk around and surprisingly warm.  I did actually spot a few people with naked limbs, although there were also a few goosebumps on display too.  It's really not time for me to be flashing the flesh, in the shade and with a bit of a breeze it is actually quite chilly.  

I don't know if it was the day or the time we were there, but I was a little disappointed this year, there didn't seem to be as much street theatre as normal, nor as many stalls where the kids could join in making their own handicrafts.  Still, a very pleasant few hours were had by all and an absolute fortune spent at all the stalls.

This is probably my favourite part of the Market, the Bird of Prey exhibition and display.  They are just so beautiful and majestic.  To be honest I prefer to see them flying free and wild, but have expressed an interest to one of the handlers in learning how to fly.  He has my number and has promised that he will be in touch, so watch this space :-)

So let me show you some of the beautiful birds that were there.  1st up I believe is a young Chilean Blue Eagle, but you are more than welcome to correct me if I am wrong on any of these

¿Chilean Blue? Eagle

Isn't he beautiful?

Now this one is probably a mature Chilean Blue, so possibly his daddy?!

¿Chilean Blue? Eagle

Majestic.  This next one is a Harris Hawk, beautifully trained it came swooping down to it's handler, just skimming the heads of people walking down the street.  I think some of them were quite shocked to find themselves being divebombed in such a fashion

Harris Hawk

Next up the Saker Falcon, although I've been reliably informed that it could quite possibly be a cross breed.  However, still beautiful
Saker Falcon/Halcon

Also, this beautiful European Eagle Owl

European Eagle Owl/Buho

and my favourite of all.  This baby African Vulture - so cute although appeared to have a wing span of about four feet at just a couple of months old

Baby African Vulture

Well, This post seems a bit long, so I'll be back with part 2 later.

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