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Thursday, 10 February 2011

Medieval Market - Part 2

So after drooling over the birds of prey we walked down through the market to it's very end.  This resulted in a few purchases needing to be made at various stalls and a quick stop for lunch and a well deserved beer for me. 

After lunch we came across a display of torturous medieval punishment devices.  They certainly seem to have been a barbaric and blood thirsty lot in these times.  Here are two examples of a Scold's Bridle



Now, why the first one has "ears" on it I'm not too sure.  Perhaps this was worn by a gossip, passing on tales that she had heard second hand, who knows.  But it certainly looks more comfortable than the second one that has a plate of metal right in front of the face.  Now, although I can think of a few people who deserve to wear these, I am quite pleased that the  crime of nagging or gossiping is treated a little more leniently these days.

Amongst these old fashioned gimp masks, handcuffs, cats of nine tails and stocks, I also spotted this chastity belt.  It would be a brave man indeed who decided to infiltrate those jaws


Now, as I said earlier in Part One, there didn't seem to be as much street theatre about as normal.  Perhaps it was just a case of us being in the wrong place at the wrong time though.  I leave you with a few portraits of the musicians we did see (los Gambuzinos) and some of the other faces around and about

los gambuzinos

los gambuzinos







And finally I leave you with this sign, which made me titter a little - transaltion For the purchase of 5 large cones regardles of your SEX take FREE five small ones.


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