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Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Garden

The pig pish man came again yesterday morning and has spread about 10 tankers on both parts of the field. The smell this time was quite revolting, so close to the house, and going down to the kitchen garden this morning, it looks as though some of the lettuces, the water melons and one row of tomatoes might just have drowned in pig effluent :o(. I might just try with the hose pipe to wash it off, or water it down.

No2 and her little friend decided that we needed a scare crow for the garden, so on Sunday we built one

He really needs some straw or something for stuffing, but the main thing is that they are pleased with the result. Another gloomy day today, spent mostly indoors sorting out the clothes of the girlie's, and generally mucking out their bedroom.

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