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Tuesday, 20 May 2008

La Romeria de San Isidro

Fortunately the day dawned fair. We have had an inordinate amount of rain just recently, whilst the UK has been bathed in sun. When the summer finally comes this year, it will come as a real shock to the system. We gather outside the church at 08:00 - yes on a Saturday morning and admired all the decorated carrozas. Some were tractor and trailer, some vans adorned with palm leaves and sheets of bamboo canes, all had made a very big effort. Vino and beer were being swigged and the youngsters had already hurled the first water balloons.

At about 08.30 San Isidro led the romeria up through the village and out on to the main road. He was followed by the band and the dancing villagers, all in high fiesta spirits. Small girls dressed in their Sevillana dresses and high heels were soon being carried by their mum's and dad's.

The band played the whole way and everybody was dancing and skipping, laughing and singing. Little ones in the carrozas and some on horse back.

We reached our destination, a tiny church in the middle of nowhere, that is only used once a year for the Romeria. Vans were unpacked, all sorts of sausages and "migas" - sort of fried bread crumbs - were handed out by the commission of fiestas and the fires were lit.

After the almuerzo - 2nd breakfast - of sausage, lamb chops, beer, wine and bread, the water fights broke out in earnest. Water balloons, water bottles, plastic cups, in fact anything that would hold water was used.

A quick tidy up, the carrozas were reloaded and the procession moved on out, following San Isidro once more. The band struck up, fireworks clattered in the skies and the return to the village was under way. At this point I cheated and had a lift back home in a car, where I prepared the hosepipes to help the hot and weary walkers on their way! As they passed the house we managed to give them a good soaking as in years gone past and were on the receiving end of a few water filled balloons ourselves.

Up to the village to collect the girlies who were in the back of a carroza and on to a lunch of paella with a group of friends. The heavens opened at this point and consequently the paella burnt a little on the bottom, it did not spoil the taste though.

After lunch it was up to the plaza where there were bouncy castles and a mechanical bull for the children. Home for a late, but well deserved siesta and back up to the village for dinner with the same friends we lunched with. A long, but most enjoyable day was had by all.

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