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Friday, 9 May 2008

Back to normal

After a weekend of much fiestaing, it is back to normal. Much housework has been done and nothing really exciting to report.

Wednesday I spent up to my oxters in Apricots, as the tree from which we have never before tasted an Apricot has more than done well this year. I now have a freezer full of stewed apricot, some jars of apricot chutney and something called Apricot Leather - which is basically stewed, pureed and dried out in the oven apricots. Think I may be able to use it in cookies or muffins.

Yesterday it rained all day, which is so good for the garden, and also for the house, which has had a good old clean, due to me not being able to get outside. The rain brought the snails out too, so not good for the garden

I also managed to take some "contrast photos" for a competition on another forum, but not really happy with them. I NEED a light tent. Might retake some of them today if there is better light.

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