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Monday, 5 May 2008

Dia de la Madre

Mothers day dawned without the girlies, which put me a little bit morose, but they do love to stay with their daddy when he is here, and I really can't begrudge them that. A day of tidying the garden beckoned. The tomatoes now have a new trellis to support them when or if they grow and the watering system is now in and functioning. Managed to rope in some uninvited help from the bar next door, fed up with the shouting of advice across the fence, I invited Titi to come down and show me what he was talking about. He was quite impressed and surprised by my horticultural knowledge which pleased me somewhat. It is the little things in life that can brighten your day

In the bancal next door, they have just finished cutting back some orange trees and nestled in the branches of a cut back tree was a nest with two fledglings. Had to get my camera, another thing to brighten my day. Popped quickly to the market and bought some bread and tomatoes for lunch of a chicken and cannelloni bean casserole, very nice. Picked some apricots from the garden and pottered a bit more. The garden is definately benefitting from much pottering.

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