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Friday, 2 May 2008

La Romeria

The alarm went off at 6:00 am and I struggled to get out of bed. Raised the girlies and they slowly started to move. With bags packed with water, sunhats and bocadillos we met with a group of friends outside the church in a neighbouring village to begin our first Romeria. It was a gentle 10km walk with lots of chatting and only a few whinges from the girlies.

We reached our destination about 2 hours later. There was a short mass in the church, which I managed to avoid by having a well deserved coffee in a nearby bar, and then we called in at another bar for an almuerzo of monstrous proportions.

The return journey was a lot easier, we piled into Yayas old bus, commonly known as a guagua (wawa). A lot easier, especially as the journey back is mostly up hill.

Then it was home, for a late lunch, of hurriedly put together paella and salad, followed by a well earned siesta. Spent the rest of the afternoon and evening pottering around the garden and cleaning the pool, topped off by a bonfire, to the delight of the girlies.

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