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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

La Paella Gigante

The day started sunny enough, with bouncy castles, a ride on train and other activities for the children. Lunch was a communal paella, which they seemed to make quickly enough, all practised experts no doubt.
Ignoring all health advice, they emptied bag after bag of salt into it, after all it's all about taste and not health when it comes down to paella.
Saturday afternoon, we nipped up to the local ferreteria, which was shut. Needed to buy some chickens for eggs. Disheartened we came back home and started to prepare the hen house or corral. Constructed from recycled pallets, it has a definite look of a Cowboy and Indian fort about it. It remained unfinished until Sunday morning, when we popped up to the market and bought two black and one brown hens. Somehow, these managed to find their way into the shopping basket as well!

So cute, who could possibly resist?

So, with chickens in the hen house and ducklings in the kitchen, we had lunch. The heavens opened, and there was a torrential downpour. It was soon over, and I was startled to hear small black dog barking frantically, looking out I could see our big dog inside the chicken coop, I screeched and ran down, but it was too late. He had killed all three. I was very upset, but if you take dogs in off the street, I guess they must be used to having to kill for their survival. New plans, with higher walls are now under way.

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