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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

What season?

Here we are, June 11 and another enormous storm and thunder and lightening, incredible. I of course went out to lunch with 3 loads of washing on the line and bright blue skies! Oh well, I guess it will dry some time tomorrow.

The Daddles now have a new home under one of the Orange trees in the courtyard. Still looking gorgeous, but smelling pretty vile now. Still it is good fertilizer!

They eat loads, and their favourite is mashed snails, which they positively wolf down. The girlies love to feed them these and consequently will now collect up any snails - of which we appear to have millions - from around the garden, without too much prompting. Two birds, one stone - perfect :-)

The Lanternas or Banderas de España for their red and yellow colouring are in full bloom at the moment. I love these plants for their long flowering season and the delicious "herby" smell that they have.

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