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Friday, 19 April 2013

101 - 104

The girlies stocked up on a few English type sweeties on holiday - just not got the selection here :(

It was getting late and my photo not taken.  Got Charlotte to hold an angle poise lamp directed at Natties face and job done :)

Lovely day here today, so we decided we ought to start to get the pool ready for summer.  This winter I decided to turn the water and pump off and just leave it.  You'll be pleased to know that with the huge dose of chlorine that was chucked in today I have managed to eliminate 1,000's of would be mosquitos ;)
I had two willing helpers as you can see and I think I might just have problems with one of them this summer.
And yes, Maxi (the white one) did manage to fall in later :D

Sunday brought another sunny day and we continued with our pool cleaning - this is a very bad picture, but just as I started to get lined up, it started raining - those huge great drops - so it was a quick snap and back into the house.  But, the pool is getting there.

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