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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Easter in the UK day 93 - We hit London

**Post very heavy on Pictures**
You have been warned

On the Wednesday we caught the train up to London for the day.  According to the weather reports it should have been a sunny and warm today - it was bloody freezing.  First stop was Buckingham Palace to see Changing the Guard.

Then we walked down through St James Park towards the Embankment.  There was a brief stop to change my nice warm Ugg boots for Charlotte's Converse's - but at least it helped prevent some of the whinging.

Past Horse Guards Parade - no beach volley ball today ;)

A very brief stop in Trafalgar Square and straight into a McDonalds for a very welcome Hot cup of coffee and a Burger - it would appear that many other people had this idea too, fortunately we found a table though.

Suitably warmed up, we continued our march down towards Westminster and Big Ben - girls were really excited and wanted their photo taken many times with this.

We crossed over Westminster Bridge, as you can see not only was it cold, it was also blowing a bit of a hooley!!!

Once on the other side, I actually had my photo taken.

Then we went to get our tickets for the London Dungeeons and the Eye.  There was a short 4d film to  watch before hand, which was actually rather good.

Then we joined the queue for the dungeons.  Still freezing cold and oh my god, about an hour and a half's wait to get inside.  We amused ourselves taking photos.  

I tried to take a few photos inside the dungeon, but with flash not allowed, they weren't particularly successful.  From here we went on to the eye, fortunately the queue for this had died down a bit and we were soon aboard our capsule.

The view was superb, however it was soon evident just how murky it was outside and this is definitely something to try again on a clearer day.  I also found the reflections in the viewing glass quite tricky to shoot around too.

 Upon dismounting the Eye, we proceeded to cross the Thames again on the Waterloo bridge, I think it would've made a better photo if we'd used the bridge in between though.  As you can see, still blowing a gale and freezing cold.

We walked up to Convent Garden, where there was a lot of street theatre going on and had a very welcome if expensive mug of Hot Chocolate.

From here, we jumped onto the Tube.

And travelled to Picadilly Circus.

Which really wasn't quite as "lighty" as I remembered it, but as I had no tripod, it didn't really matter.

And that was it, tube back to Euston and end of day in London.  A very tiring day.


Chris Sadler said...

I love it! What a great pictorial diary!
Seems like a good time was had by all :)

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