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Friday, 19 April 2013

Easter in the UK Day 96 - Woburn Abbey

So, Saturday brought our last whole day in the UK - the sun came out and we went to Woburn Abbey Safari Park.  Somehow we missed the entrance to The Big Cats and ended up driving through the monkey enclosure.

There were big monkeys 

Baby monkeys

And naughty monkeys!!!

I also spotted a black squirrel - which I've never seen before

We stopped for lunch and went down to the walky round bit, where we saw Wallabies with babies in their pouches - although this one looks like it should be being charged dig money, it's so big!!

Into the Squirrel Monkey enclosure - seriously cute, if somewhat smelly.

And now she has her iPhone back and is not freezing cold, a smiley Charlotte!!

Freerange marmosets - again seriously cute, but smelly and probably bitey too.  Nattie was enamoured and is pleading her case for having one.

A couple of elephants

And back into the car for the dangerous animals again.  

A number of lumbering Rhino, who did actually break into a bit of a gallop once we had passed them

A black bear - had to be taken with the window up as the rangers were very close.  Doing what bears do best in the sunshine - just about nothing.

There were lots of other animals too, giraffes, zebras, sea lions, rhea, tigers, lions, otters, tortoise, lemur and more.  A very nice way to pass our last day in the UK.


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