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Friday, 19 April 2013

Day 97 - Day 100

After not very much sleep, we flew back to Spain, where it was gloriously warm :)  A quick trip to the supermarket to buy supplies for eating a quick lunch

Luckily the girls were also off school on the Monday - we had some serious sleeping to catch up on.  Worked in the evening, and was lucky enough to catch the Recogida de las Reinas, for the last day of Fiestas in La Murada

I stepped out of the front door this evening and found this under one of the bushes in the garden!!!

So cute and so tiny - I'm trying everyone I know to see if I can find a home for her, but for the minute it looks like she's still here.  Still not got a name - so she's not a permenant fixture yet.

On to Wednesday and that's 100 days of taking a photo everyday completed.  I ws hoping for a splendid sunset - never got one so had to boost it artificially in photoshop!!!

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