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Friday, 19 April 2013

105 - 108

I have a list of photos that I want to take for my 365 and having seen a pencil shot using red, orange and yello, I knew I wanted to try one using green, blue and purple.  I used a flash for this shot, but as I had it bouncing off my yellow walls, it's turned the paper a creamy colour.  Still quite pleased with it although the very left hand pencil just being off square is a little annoying.

As you can see, small dog is still with us, I took this just as a comparison, so that you can see just how teeny tiny she is.  

Once she has mastered the art of opening beer cans, I'll teach her how to use a corkscrew and maybe even how to iron ;)

Whilst the girlies are with their dad, I've been attempting to do some gardening.  I'm finding it tough going though - it's so much easier if you've someone to help you - not that they're much help, but you know what I mean.  The bouganvilla that got a quick trimming.

I bought some Pelargoniums the other day - finaly got them repotted - I rather like these as they can miss a day or two's watering in the summer and not suffer too much - and are so bright and cheerfull.

As an added bonus, you also get this feeble excuse for a photograph, actually in small like this it doesn't look too bad.  The Bee Eaters have arrived and this one was halfway down the field.  Typically, I had one not 20 meters away from me when I didn't have my camera in my hand, by the time I had returned with it, it had gone.  Will this be the year that I finally get a shot of a Bee Eater?

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