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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Easter in the UK - Day 92 - Whipsnade

On the Tuesday we ventured up to Whipsnade Zoo where luckily the sun came out, so did the bears to my delight as, having never seen them before, I was beginning to disbelieve in their very existence.  And very playful they were too.

Managed to catch the talk and feeding time with the chimps, there's always one who's not paying attention!

I was very surprised at how much the cheatah cubs had grown, they're almost as tall as their mum now, but still have their baby fluff.  I was very pleased to catch 5 or them with mum and all of their eyes open.  The other was outside the cage coughing up hair balls - not so cute.

There's a new tiger on display at Whipsnade too - very handsome and obliging.  He was up at the very top of his cage chowing down on a chicken - so no need to shoot through fences.

The girlies of course had to do this...

The Red Panda - as cute as usual, but not a very good shot - not sure what happened here?!

Charlotte now feeling the cold and grumpy as the wind whipped across the Chiltern's and she mourned the loss of her iphone.

Inside for a warm up in the Discovery Centre and the beautiful colour of this snake - not a clue what sort - just quite pretty!!

So, a very pleasant day was had by all, compounded by the fact that on our return somebody had found Charlotte's iphone and handed it in for collection.  Nice to know there are some decent people around.


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