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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Catch Up Part II

Day 38 brought a nice bright sunny day, so spent a short time in the garden with the macro lens.  The bees were very busy mostly with just their backsides hanging out of these flowers.  What with that and the wind, it was quite difficult to catch one in focus.  Mind you if I'd used my tripod it might just have helped a little.

Day 39 and the girlies had a friend around in the evening.  They wanted new Tuenti avatars and I insisted on a group shot.  My white balance looks a touch on the blue side here, but I really can't remember what I did processing wise.  Have a feeling it was just a crop and jpeg conversion.

Day 41 and some more friends around, these wanted an up to date photo for Granny

Day 42 and I was working all day.  For some strange reason I fortunately took a photo of my diary on the desk, which I then messed about with in Streamzoo.  I couldn't really see what was going on on my phone screen, but fortunately it wasn't too bad.

Now, that brings up to day 43 which was yesterday and pancake day, so that's me all caught up.

Now then, the more astute of you will notice that day 40 got left out.  That's because we had a day at the zoo and it truly deserves a complete post of it's own.  Hopefully I'll get that sorted out later on today.

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