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Thursday, 21 February 2013


052 by Sonriendo
052, a photo by Sonriendo on Flickr.

Right, those of you who know me realise that I'm not in the running for a Stepford Wife of the year award :D Don't have the requisited husband to greet at the door nicely made up and bearing his pipe and slippers, for a start.

A level of hygene is all that is required to my mind and let's face it dull women have tidy houses. So I think this could be the answer.

I'm not over happy with this cloning job, there's something strange going on with the bag of dog food, which I should have moved anyway - durrr. And also where I'm taking the photo, there's something not quite right at the back of my legs - sun came out more in this shot I think :( Maybe I should've processed all three first and then layered them - I don't know.

1 comment:

Modesty Brown said...

I know you're not sure about it but I absolutely love it! Lovely work Sarah :D