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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Ooops I've done it again

Not blogged for a fair few days now.  However this is about to be rectified in this photo heavy couple of posts, which will hopefully put me back on track.

The Medieval market came to town, which provided me with 365 shots for a couple of days.  One of the stalls selling loose teas and infusions.

The cutest American Kestrel

Day 33 I decided to inflict a Self Portrait on the world - really not too comfortable about doing these any more - but I'm sure I will be featuring more as I run out of ideas.

Day 34 brought the view up my garden path, oranges, almond blossom and the mountains in the distance

Day 35 was another quick pic of the bouganvilla in the garden, looking a bit faded and battered - just how I felt on that day

Day 36 and I thought I'd have a go with playing mith my flash as that's what I'd really like to get to grips with this year.  And so I bring you floating chocolates!!!  Obviously I need to work on this, because as we all know chocolates are incapable of levitation.

The next day a litle more flash work, here we can see that the shell is actually resting on something, but it's still not quite right.  Never mind, onwards and upwards.

And I think that will do us for this post.  Off to catch up on some Stepford type duties and will hopefully continue my catch up later in the day.

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