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Saturday, 18 February 2012

Getting to grips with my nemisi

As we are well into February, I thought I'd let you all know how my New Year's resolutions are coming along.

The Post, I am happy to report, that all unopened letters have now been opened, and dealt with, filed or binned as appropriate.  I have managed to have all of my utilities changed over to paper free bills now, so everything is now stored on the PC.  Also all new incoming post has been dealt with as it's arrived.  A great weight off my mind.

The Laundry, gah.  Let's just say I am getting there.  I have implemented a new system, whereby there is no communal dirty laundry basket in the bathroom.  Now, everybody has one in their own bedrooms.  This makes things easier for me, as at least I know now who the clothes belong to and as soon as it has been washed, dried and folded, it just goes straight back to the respective bedroom and there is no winging and moaning about this not being mine. Win for me.

Also as far as dirty washing goes I am on a strict work to rule.  As it is in the washing basket, so it gets washed, dried and folded ;-)  I do not turn anything out the right/wrong way, remove belts, knickers from jeans legs or tissues from pockets.  I don't pair socks either :-)

So although their doesn't appear to be any less washing, it some how seems a little more controlled.

The Fly Tipping is getting there too.  I now have a big brown box in the kitchen, that I have scrawled on the side " Shit that doesn't live in the kitchen"  and everything just gets dumped in there.  It works!!!  Obviously this is only a temporary measure, and I am hoping that people will get bored of rooting through it looking for lost stuff.

I am also going through all my paperwork.  I've found receipts for things that were bought back in the UK.  I've got nearly 10 years worth of bills for this house.  There are instruction books for implements we no longer have, and this is only a 2 drawer filing cabinet!!  I now have a nice big box full of paperwork, which is slowly but surely being used as fire lighters.

So, my resolutions are still going quite well, sometimes life gets in the way and everything goes to pot, but on the whole, I think I'm getting there a bit.  Need to spend a bit more time on some of my crafty bits, and I'll be there.


Windmill Tales said...

Very organised! I too started the new year with similar resolutions :)

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