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Monday, 12 March 2012

Meal Planning Monday 12 March 2012


Well, nearly a month has gone since I last meal planned, last week girlie #1 went on a school trip to Madrid - they saw the musical Lion King, Santiago Bernabeu and went to La Faunia (zoo), so there were only a few days I needed to make a proper lunch for.  On the bright side, my freezer is now empty of "freezer surprise" meals - you know, the unlabelled tupperwares that get thrown in there, ice cream containers with just one scoop left and anything that had freezer burn.  It's also neat, tidy and sparkly clean.

On to this week, which only requires four meals - as we are off to the UK for a long weekend to see my two new nieces on Friday - so excited I might burst!

Tarragon Chicken with Jacket Potato
Sausage Casserole
Spag Bol
BBQ Chicken Fillets with Salad and Pots

So, that's it for this week - won't be here next Monday as I'll still be in the UK - does happy dance.  But, I will be back some time next week with Baby Photos :-)


PippaD said...

Oooh tarragon chicken with jacket potato yum!

PinkOddy said...

That reminds me my son asked for sausage casserole and I've not planned for it again. Enjoy your time over here.

Mrs M said...

Hey my love, thanks for joining in. I'm mega-jealous of your sparkly freezer, I need to get on to that. Hope you're enjoying your trip to the UK x