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Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Meal Planning Monday 13 February 2012

Late posting this week due to Girlie #1 being off school ill yesterday.  Of my two new dishes from last week, I had one hit and one miss.  This Fish Stew was just gorgeous and one that I will be doing again.  The risotto though was a miss.  It needed longer in the oven than the recipe said and the girlie was famished by the time she got in from school, so she had a quick sandwich.  When the risotto was cooked, she had a taste but was not impressed, so we won't be bothering with that one again.

Baking wise we made Crazy Cake again, the girlies made fudge and cookie dough bonbons so might just have to go easy on the sweet stuff again this week.

Paprika Pork with Yellow Rice

As you can see, I've only got four meals this week as the girlies will be going to their Dad's.  So that means I get pot luck freezer dinners as I'm not terribly good about always remembering to label tupperwares!

I am linking up with Mrs M, so clink on the linky and come and see what everyone else is cooking up

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Mrs M said...

The sizzling cod sounds lovely. Thanks for joining in1