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Monday, 19 December 2011

My Christmas To Do List....

So, here we are a mere six sleeps away from the big day itself and my to do list looks something like this
  • Meal Plan
  • Food Shop
  • End of term reports (x 2)
  • End of term concert (1 of)
  • Doctors appointment
  • Chase 1 Debt (must be done on the 23rd - don't ask)
  • Dance display
  • Find dancing costume - for aforementioned display
  • Go to friend's party, which starts with pre lunch drinkies and ends with after dinner liqueurs (also on the 23rd, must chase debt in the morning)
  • Start (and indeed finish) Present Shopping
  • Clean and Tidy house
  • Assorted washing and Ironing
  • Toy Room Cull
  • Deliver 3 Turkeys
  • Find someone who wants to buy the 4th Turkey (everyone here is refusing to eat "our" turkeys - rolls eyes heavenwards)
  • Music School Meeting (I am the treasurer and don't have an out)

On top of all this there are all the normal animals/humans to feed type daily jobs.  Oooh and a trip to the hairdresser would be very welcome too.  Can it all be done?

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