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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Let Battle Comence

So, that's it, all done and dusted for another year. The fridge is still groaning under the weight of uneaten turkey, cheeses, pate and rather surprisingly a vast quantity of alcoholic beverages too. 

The girlies are off with their dad and Nanny has returned to roast on the coast territory to take her "I'm still not senile enough for you to relieve me of my driving license" test. As she probably has to drive there, it's to be hoped that she passes, otherwise I'm not entirely sure how she will get home again!

We all did surprisingly well here in the gift department and here are the girlies modeling the presents sent over from NZ Aunt.


Now life carries on and I need to get caught up with the washing, find homes for all the new gifts, stash the decs for next year, and hopefully get the sitting room painted before the girls get back.  Bit by bit though, it can start once I've finished my tin of Quality Street and caught up on some knitting.

Hope you all had a peaceful Christmas x

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