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Saturday, 31 December 2011

In With The New ...

2011 started pretty badly, peaked in the summer and went straight back to crap again in about September, which was when Girlie #2 was first on crutches!

2012 will be about beating my bête noirs, basically getting organised, controlling better my finances and getting fitter.

Problem Areas

Laundry Who'd have guessed it?!

 Fly tipping Mostly in the kitchen and I'm not the only culprit


 The Post There must be about 3 or 4 months of unopened post there *sighs*  Obviously, everything that even slightly resembled a Christmas or birthday card has been opened.

 So, that's my lack of organisation revealed.  To help with this, I have signed up with Habit Hacker  Who do not require me to wear lace up shoes, or to be able to see my face in the sink.                                                                                                      
I have also invested in an Organised Mum Planner, which helps us all keep on top of important dates, birthdays etc.

Finances  I've downloaded an app to my mobile that should help me keep note of all my spends.  Look after the pennies and all that

Health I might just accidentally have clicked on to the Coolrunnings C25K website and have it in mind to give up smoking too

Obviously that's all a lot to be going on with, and won't happen overnight.  But, I would like to accomplish these things throughout 2012.

For me, I'd like to learn how to use a sewing machine properly and also get started (and finished) on a lot of the crafty projects I've got buzzing around in my head.  

So, how about you?  Resolutions or revolutions?


vickitori said...

I think your laundry, fly tipping, and post problems run in the family.......I have exactly the same :-)

Livi said...

oooh wow, what a list! Good luck with all of it!

Nikki - A Mother in France said...

You'll be pleased to know my laundry pile is even bigger than yours and at least your un open letters are in a neat box - mine are spread in various piles all over the house! I've already done my New Year resolutions list, but being more organised didn't quite make it this year - maybe next year....

vegemitevix said...

My house definitely looks worse than yours, its just too small for the five of us, and as for the mail... Not just unopened but m.I.a. I think you will end the year the organisation queen given you have already made steps to take control.

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