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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Update on Coco Dog

Sorry I didn't get back to you yesterday, but I haven't known my arse from my elbow since I got up yesterday morning!!!  What with vets, the burguled burgalled broken into house, music concerts and birthday parties.
So, I took him to the vets yesterday and they are very pleased with how he is recovering.  However, they had to operate on his right eye, otherwise he was likely to lose it.  Diminishing the Christmas fund a little bit more :-(  He is recovered from the anasthetic now and has to have 5 different eye drops at various times throughout the day!!  We now have a very complicated timetable to follow and alarms going off at all hours of day and night!!!  This is in addition to the other tablets he is taking as well.
I asked about his overall prognosis and they said he will probably make a nearly full recovery - be able to play with the other dogs and live a normal life.  But, it will take a long time.  They have also recommended castrating him once he is recovered, as this is probably why he was getting out to start with.

So all in all, pretty good really.  Think I'll be asking Santa for a steam mop and something for my eyebags this year ;-)

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vickitori said...

ahh poor coco dog xxx