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Friday, 4 November 2011


it is the most horrible mizzely day, can't even see the bottom of the garden

i have a runny nose - bit of a cold or man flu? - it's  even making unloading the dishwasher a tricky job

two mouth ulcers on my tounge - which of course i HAVE to keep rubbing against my teeth to make them hurt more

a ZIT inside my nose, which due to runniness of said nose will probably fester and leave me with some enormous pustulant volcano

puppy footprints all over kitchen floor - plus the odd puddle here and there

there is not a room in the house that dosen't look like  it's been raided by burgulars

washing basket is overflowing 

cupboards, fridge etc are bare resulting in an enforced trip to supermarket

normal service and punctuation will resume later

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