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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Here we go again..

So, at about 07:30 this morning as i returned after dropping Girlie #1 to the school bus, I was met with an awful crying sound.  Next doors dog was scurrying around as normal, and I knew that mine were all in their new compound.  Which reminds me I must take some pics and show you the Hotêl Chien.

Puzzled I rushed around to where the tiny fluffy footed chickens are camped out on the patio to see if one of the cats had managed to get in and was busy slaying them.  Nothing.

Returning to the front of the house I came across this, out in the street

It's tiny, a boy and I'm calling him Maximilian Bartholomew, really not sure either how old or what type he is, but, it looks like he's here to stay.  He doesn't seem to see very well, so I'm guessing at less than six weeks, eyes are open, but he's got no teeth yet.  He's currently curled up in a plastic crate with some old towels and has taken a bit of bread and milk.  I think he's just a bit too tiny to put up with the big dogs yet, so he might just have to be a house dog for a while.

I find it quite incomprehensible that some one has just dumped him out on his own like that - bastards.

And just to finish a few more gratuitous puppy shots :)


Vivian said...

Are you serious? Such a cute thing left out like that. I would keep him for sure, too.

Sonriendo said...

It's quite incredible isn't it. He dosen't seem to see very well, so I imagine he is only about 4 or 5 weeks. Should really be with his mummy!!!