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Tuesday, 15 May 2012

¡Viva San Isidro!

Romeria San Isidro Labrador, 2012 Virgen del Camino

Leaving the Church

The 15th of May is the day of San Isidro Labrador, the patron saint of peasants and field workers. He is also the Patron of my village.  Here they celebrate him on the Saturday closest to the 15th, which was the 12th this year.  So bright and early on Saturday morning San Isidro was taken from the church to the Hermita of Santa Filomena at Casa Colora.

San Isidro

Another Interpretation of San Isidro

This year the procession had to take a different route, as the Guardia Civil weren't very happy about the previous route.  So off went San Isidro to bless the local fields.  I cheated this year and went to the Casa Colora by car, as I'd forgotten to put sun cream on and still hadn't fed the animals.  I arrived there before the procession, and was able to see them arrive - all in good spirits and some more spirited than others!!

Meanwhile they had prepared the fires to cook the sausages, chorizo and morcilla that was to be handed out to all the participants

Hermita Santa Filomena

The band carried on playing

the people carried on dancing ...

the Jota

So, after the mass the Almuerzo was served, more wine and beer drunk and the procession returned to the village where the paella was being prepared

After lunch there was a few cubatas, games of football, dancing, karaoke and I took the oppourtunity to sneak (or not) a few pics of some of the participants 

There are also a lot more photos on my Flickr page if you are interested.

So, for another year

¡Viva San Isidro!  

¡Viva La Virgen del Camino!

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