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Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Blue Drawers

So, here I am back and as I said before I have been very busy.  I don't know if you remember this

Well, I finaly finnished painting it, and not the rainbow stripes or off white as I had first thought.  But this lovely blue

I have to say that the selection of paint available over here is somewhat under whelming to say the least.  This paint is by Luxens and is sold as an enamel for furniture, doors and radiators.  It's called Grecian Blue, and unfortunately I didn't notice that it was in fact a Matt finish.  I have a feeling I may have to either wax or polyurethane over the top of it, as it tends to show a lot of marks.

Luxens is the only range of water based gloss paint that I've managed to find here, and it does have quite a good range of colours too.

This past weekend, Girly #1 and I made our crocheted twiggy vase, which is here on location, but will actually live on my reclaimed wood shelf in the sitting room.

So, that's two of the projects I've been up to recently, off to check out my photo files, to remind me what else I got up to in my long absence.

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