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Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Compromising my Principles

The other day (well actually over a month ago - whoops!) when I picked them up from dancing, the girlies told me they were going to be dancing in a display in the local park with their class mates.  In two weeks time. 

The following week when I collected them, I popped in to find out the details for the Saturday morning.  A former pupil of the Academy had come to ask if they'd be willing to perform in aid of ...

Wait for it ...

The International Day of Life - or the anti abortionists.  Well, as I've always been a pro-choice sort of girl, I was somewhat shocked.  I was really not happy with them showing support for something that went against my principles, but the performance was to be held the following day, and I didn't want to let the girls down either.  So the show went on.

I wish I'd known about this at the very start of the negociations, or even a few days before.  I should have had my own one woman protest with a t-shirt advocating the right to choose.

So many years fighting the right to emancipation for women destroyed.

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