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Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Photo Free

So, here we go, another whole month has passed without a blog post from me.  Not sure why as I've done loads of stuff that's been blog worthy too.

This morning I've just dropped the girlies off at their Dad's for his 3 weeks off, and am gutted that it's fallen across the Easter Holidays.  Normally I make a real effort to do something everyday of these holidays, as the weather is just right for, picnics, walking in the mountains and beach walks.  Things that we tend to avoid in the heat of the summer.  I often have a project for whilst they are away, as I'm not tied to school times, meal times, after school activities and all the other palaver that goes hand in hand with being a Mum.  This time I don't really have either the funds or inclination to get stuck into a "big" task (nearly wrote job, but couldn't stop tittering like a child) like painting a room and moving furniture, so am going for a "deprocrastination" list instead.

I'm going to list them here now, as it might just inspire me to actually get them all done.  Some of these are fairly hefty things and others are things I just "need" to do and haven't got around to yet!!

Deprocrastination List

De clutter my wardrobe

Clean out log burner and polish the glass

Pedicure and manicure - it's coming up to sandal time :-)

Have a good garden tidy

Clean kitchen windows inside and out

Eat my 5-a-day

Wash all bathroom tiles - a ladder is required for this - floor to ceiling - so not to be undertaken lightly!!!

Get ironing pile up to date

Finish crocheting my rainbow bag

Make a cover for my Kindle

Get my craft on

Move girlies beds around and generally de junk their rooms too - so much easier when their not here ;-)  "Mum have you seen my......"  "Oh not for ages sweetheart, perhaps you've left it at Daddy's"  Titter titter.

Do lots of blogging

So, there we have it, let's see how well I do.


*Zoe* said...

Good luck with all the tasks! Sounds like you'll have loads to keep you occupied while the girls are'll fly by! x

Sonriendo said...

I'll need the luck, lets hopr it does fly past quickly.