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Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Car Booting - The Conversion of a Spaniard

Car Booting is not what you'd call a Spanish tradition.  Recycling is only just catching on over here.  Antiques/Junk shops are not overly popular either.  So, after being told of a car boot sale down towards the coast, I decided that as it was a music lesson free Saturday morning, I'd take a run out, meet my mum for a coffee and have a little look see.

Now, the best laid plans and all that, meant that the sale my friend had told me about was actually held on a Sunday and not the Saturday as I'd thought.  However, we did find another one, quite nearby, and I'm soo pleased we did.
Check out my €20 chair

I have great plans for this, that do not include badly varnished wood, mustard and red.

My €3 picture frame

Which I only bought for the frame.  The picture inside, is also quite nice, but very faded and surplus to my requirements anyway.

Seeing as I had gone to the wrong car boot, and was pretty ecstatic about my haul, I managed to convince the Latin Lover to accompany me to the right car boot on the Sunday.  He hummed and haaahed and was definitely not keen, but eventually he complied to my will.

So very pleased he did, as Sunday's haul was even better.  A fully functioning black and decker garden vac at €12, an old army jacket for work at €3 and two pink mens cotton shirts, which are currently drying on the line for crafting purposes.  

He is now converted, and can't wait to go again next weekend.  What a result! 

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