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Thursday, 29 July 2010

This year's Jollys... Or Oh Lor how soon we forget!!!

So last Sunday the girlies had their bags packed and were off to Daddy's, ready to fly out Monday lunchtime to Granny's in Scotland.  #2 mentioned that her ear hurt a bit on Sunday morning, but not too much.  So I told her that if it was still huting Monday morning that I would nip over and take her to the doctor's.  Sure enough Monday morning found us at the doctor's and whilst I was busy babbling away about how lucky we were to get an appointment before her flight that lunch tme the doctor examined her ear - Otitis and sorry, but she can't fly :-(  So whizzed round to Daddy's to break the bad news, collect passport and suitcase and headed back to home.  

Thursday morning found us at the doctors again, and yes - she was OK to fly.  It was decided that it would be less hassle for me to fly out with her and return the following day. So warmly dressed, Friday morning at 6 o'clock we were waiting to board a flight to Glasgow Prestwick.  Shivering outside we were met by her Auntie - dressed in short sleeves - her sister and one of her cousinsI saw them off and made my way to the Adamton House Hotel (above) dumped my bag and caught the train to Glasgow Central.

I headed off to Buchanan Street and the St Enoch centre with haste - top of my list was new undies from M&S (natch), some new reading material and also a large supermarket to stock up on (unavailable here in Spain) herbs and spices.  First stop though, was NextI'd forgotten however that it was SALE time and yes, it was just like the normal jumble sale it ever was.  I did manage to find a lovely pair of trousers and a top in the non sale bit though - result #1.  

So, on to M&S and their knicker department - a lovely lady guided me through their bra section and I actually managed to buy 3 new bras that actually fit, and were not so stuffed with filling that I would be contravening the Sale of Goods Act.  Fifteen (yes 15) new pairs of cotton (not easily found) knickers and - result #2.  Down the escalator once I'd eventually found it and into the Per Una section where I found a lovely vest top and over shirt reduced in the sale - result #3.

Now then, here is where we go for niggle #1 M&S, what have you done?  It was always so easy to find things.  All tops were together, all trews, all dresses all skirts... you get my drift.  But now?  Now they've got this department store thing going on, where by they have all these different "collections" going on, didn't like it one bit.

So, time for a bit of lunch niggle #2 - jeezo how much do you have to pay for a cup of watery liquid masquerading under the name coffee?  Honestly, I slung most of it away.

Rested I continued, down to Dotty P's where a rather pretty ruffled and ribbed vest top was mine - result #4 and on to Waterstones where I managed to bag 3 for the price of 2 and Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol for a bargainous 3.79 (sorry can't find the pound symbol) - result #5.  A very helpful sales assistant directed me to the local Somerfield and niggle #3 it was carp.  I'd forgotten that supermarkets in the UK have now mostly moved out of the city centres, so I'm still herb and spiceless.

Train back to the hotel in time for a shower and dinner - the dinner was gorgeous - warm bacon and black pudding salad - soo good I tried it at home to great success - chicken breast in a creamy tarragon sauce - to try if only I had tarragon and the most delicious sticky toffee pudding and ice cream for desert.  But how expensive is alcohol 1.75 for half a lager and 5.75 a glass of wine!!!  For that I could buy a litre of beer and 2 or 3 exceedingly quaffable bottles of wine here!

After a lovely nights sleep under a duvet - bliss - I made my way back to the airport for my flight home.  'Twas a lovely trip albeit a little short, but I'm glad to be home and warm again.

Ps Glasgow cabbies are really friendly and helpful.  And sorry for the lack of photos - far too busy shopping to snap!


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