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Friday, 30 July 2010

Home made Passata

So, my neighbour turned up with a carrier bag full of plum tomatoes, now whilst delicious in a salad, they were so ripe that I really needed to use them up quickly. A quick investigation on the old tinterweb, and yes, passata can be frozen.  So, I googled a few recipes and here's what happened.

 I chopped the tomatoes in half and removed the woody stem bit, chopped some garlic and ripped up some basil.  Chucked it all in a roasting tin and drizzled  drowned it all in olive oil.  Popped it into a moderately hot oven for about an hour and
 I then removed the skins and pureed the hell out of it untill I was left with this
 So very yummy, and the smells that were coming from my oven - delicious.

Batch two was roasted with onion and balsamic vinegar and batch three is still awaiting attention.  So, any other ideas please?

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Fashion Limbo said...

wow, great idea on what to do with a whole lot of tomatoes, will bookmark this recipe. nice pics too by the way xx