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Friday, 30 July 2010

Home made Passata

So, my neighbour turned up with a carrier bag full of plum tomatoes, now whilst delicious in a salad, they were so ripe that I really needed to use them up quickly. A quick investigation on the old tinterweb, and yes, passata can be frozen.  So, I googled a few recipes and here's what happened.

 I chopped the tomatoes in half and removed the woody stem bit, chopped some garlic and ripped up some basil.  Chucked it all in a roasting tin and drizzled  drowned it all in olive oil.  Popped it into a moderately hot oven for about an hour and
 I then removed the skins and pureed the hell out of it untill I was left with this
 So very yummy, and the smells that were coming from my oven - delicious.

Batch two was roasted with onion and balsamic vinegar and batch three is still awaiting attention.  So, any other ideas please?


Fashion Limbo said...

wow, great idea on what to do with a whole lot of tomatoes, will bookmark this recipe. nice pics too by the way xx

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