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Sunday, 11 July 2010

Festival de Baile

So, the end of June brought the end of term dancing show.  It was #1's first time on pointes, and she was just beautiful :-D  Very, very proud mummy moment.  She also danced a duet, which again was just gorgeous.  Must work out how to get my videos on to You Tube.

The first half was The Sound of Music.  Danced by the littlies

They were just gorgeous, then the older girls danced to Caberet

Then it was the turn of mine again.  DD1 was not happy about dancing in this dress!  It was too short for her comfort and she felt really self concious.  She really didn't give it her all at all.

She was much more comfortable in this number and danced a whole lot better :-)

They both thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and made me very proud.  A fabulous night.

The only downside is that the quality of these pictures shows that I really need to upgrade my camera.  The noise levels at ISO 400 are shocking.  Although I have beeen assured by various far more knowledgeable than me photographers, that I couldn't really have done better with the equipment I have.  I am still rather disappointed with these shots.  Hey ho better hope I get a lottery win sometime soon!

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