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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Medieval Market

So this years market was even bigger than usual - Fantastic.  The only problem being that I only had a few hours to myself.  Met up with the AFOTO peeps, but soon had to leave them in my wake due to their dawdling - hahaha.  I was specifically looking for the birds of prey, that are normally on display.  Unfortunately they weren't in their normal situation, which is excellent for photographs but in another, not quite so photogenic.  

 I managed to catch the display, but there were a lot of people around, making it very difficult to isolate the birds in flight.  This one here is looking right at me ¿No?

The stalls were their normal colourful selves and instead of going for lots of portraits this year as I did last year, I concentrated on the produce they were offering.

I was quite tempted by these dried flower headbands, but as I have no forthcoming bridesmaid appointments nor maypoles to dance around, I decided to forget it,

These wooden roses were also very tempting, especially as they were sprayed with a gorgeous smelling oil.

Now I'm really kicking myself that I didn't pick up one of these 

And, incense sticks to colour coordinate with every room in the house

Delicious looking homemade bread, which smelt divine.

Next year, no excuses, I will be dedicating the entire day to this.

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