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Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Getting All Art Crafty


I had a bit of an accident whilst cutting the hair of himself.  He handed me the clippers after trimming it himself and told me to tidy it up at the backI of course obliged, but he had taken the comb off, one swift manouvre and Oooops too late!!!  It all had to come off.  Now, contrary to popular belief, it does actually get quite chilly here in Spain in January and the poor thing was nearly bald.  There was nothing for it but to knit him a hat.  I managed to find a free pattern  and off I went.  In two evenings it was finished and I'd got the knitting bug back :-)

A  friend directed me to Ravelry  and here I am totally hooked once more.  My first completed project is this hat and scarf.  Hat actually knitted up a bit big, so I will have to rip it back and start again.  But, on the whole I am realy quite pleased.  I now have on the needles, another scarf like this

and a white baby blanket/shawl type thing. which I might just have overfaced myself with.  I also managed to find a real wool shop Lanas Orihuela who are so very helpful.

But of course this is not enough, now that I had rediscovered my love of knitting again, I really needed to have all my needles, scissors and other such gubbins kept in the same place.  So a quick search of the internet and a day on the sewing machine, one pair of old jeans and an old smock top of the girls and I managed to come up with this...

a knitting needle case.


Anonymous said...

I have awarded you the Sunshine Award, to read why go to

Sonriendo said...

Sorry A only just seen this - off to investigate x

Sonriendo said...

And tht link is now broken