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Sunday, 31 January 2010

The Orphans

Oooops, uploaded all the photos for this blog post and then completely forgot about it.

So, last Monday I went out to chuck the rubbish in the communal bin thingy that we have over here. So much better than having the rubbish festering in the back garden and having to drag the bin through the house option that is the norm in the UK. And there, underneath were four tiny puppies. Of course, I had to have a quick word and a tickle of their bellies - well who wouldn't! Returned to the house, shut the gate and there they all were, so tiny that they could get through the bars of the gates. Of course I tried the "Shoo" option - think Out of Africa you know Meryl with the lion, but to no avail. Went into the house and just ignored them. The time arrived to pick the girlies up from the school bus and they followed me out into the road again - success. Got back with the girlies and not a sign of them out in the street, round to the back door and there they all were! Himself had returned and given them a bowl of milk, girlies were instantly in love and now here I am with another 4 mouths to feed!
This is the smallest of the four - Lily

And as they do make the the loveliest of models, I guess that they can stay - for a while ;-)

Incidentally, a quick trip around the neighbours and nobody knew anything about them. So it looks like somebody just dumped them :-O I am guessing that they are only about six weeks old, two girls, two boys and will be about the size of Jack Russels fully grown. What are some people like?

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