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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

San Anton

So, on Sunday we went into Orihuela for the fiesta of San Anton. San Anton is a "barrio" or neighbourhood of Orihuela and San Anton is it's Patron Saint. There are lots of colourful stalls selling special sweets, that are typical for these fiestas.

Inside the small church, they held a special mass

and afterwards, the priest came out to bless all the animals that people had brought along.

There were dogs

clothed dogs

Cats on leads

Cats in doll's prams


and ponies.

After the blessing there was the International competition of Charlatans or market traders!! Managed to watch one, but then we went in search of refreshments!!

At the other end of the table to the above Charlatan, was a big wooden strong box. If I'd had a bigger handbag...

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