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Friday, 15 June 2012


I was tagged by Very Bored In Catalunya to do this meme, and as I too feel like a good whinge, here we go....

Why did I find 3 cotton buds, 4 hair clips and 1 safety pin stuffed down the bathroom sink drain?

Why does nobody else in this house have a licence or ability  to use a toilet brush?

Why do my girls insist on using the bathroom tap as target practice when they are spitting out toothpaste?

Why am I the only one that seems to have succumbed to a tummy bug?

Why will whatever I decide to make for lunch be hated by at least one girlie?

Why can I only get a doctors appointment at either 08:15 or 08:30?  How am I meant to get Girlie #2 to school on time?

Why when presented with a "new" dish they've never tasted do they have to make "the" face and then proceed to ask for seconds?

And finally

Why can't I find a pair of comfortable sandals that don't look like Granny Wear?

Terribly busy today, so if you read this consider yourself tagged.  The rules are below

1. Post your whys – as few or as many as you like
2. Link up your post at Mummy Central, and leave a comment here too
3. Tag 5 bloggers to keep this going
4. If you’re not a blogger, leave your whys as a comment below. I'd love to read them
5. Show your support by reading a few others and commenting on them

1 comment:

Very Bored in Catalunya said...

Oh God, those first 3 could easily apply to me...