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Saturday, 1 October 2011

31 Days of ...

 I am joining in, and hopefully linking up with The Nesting Place's 31 day project, and have come up with

Or 31 days of the Spanish Alphabet.

Impossible, I hear you cry.  But no.  Originally the Spanish alphabet included CH, LL, Ñ and RR as separate letters in the dictionary, so that takes me to 30, and of course today is the introduction!  Job done.

So, what will I get from all this?  Well, 
  • I will be dusting the cobwebs off my camera and putting it to regular use.  
  • I will learn how to make a blog button.
  • I will be blogging every day and hopefully it will become a habit
What will you get from this...
  • a glimpse into my life and an improved Spanish vocabulary!!!
So, it's on with the game...

(I have to say, I'm sweating the X already)

Due to an awful, nearly 2 weeks of bad internet connection, I've had to retire from this.  So sorry :(

Day 3


Marla Taviano said...

My 9yo and I are learning Spanish together this year. I'm excited to read your posts!

cinnibonbon said...

Sounds fun!!

DogsMom said...

Wow- if I can learn anything, I am willing to give this a try.

Interesting idea.